All menus options are $18/pp, unless noted otherwise.


Spicy Salmon Bowls / wild-caught salmon, chili, onion, scallion, sesame

String Beans with Cucumber and Miso / string beans, cucumber, miso vin, scallion, cilantro

Served with Sliced Avocado, Brown Rice, Sesame Aioli

Veg / spicy tofu bowls




Barbacoa-Style Tacos / steak, chili, cumin, lime

Served with Housemade Salsa, Cranberry Beans, Spanish Rice, Warm Tortillas, Cabbage-Cilantro Slaw

Veg / cauliflower potato tacos



Chicken Teriyaki / free-range chicken, housemate teriyaki sauce, scallion, sesame, cilantro

Chopped Salad / mixed market lettuce, cucumber, scallion, almonds, sprouts 

Served with White Rice



Garlic Rubbed Skirt Steak / skirt steak, scallion vinaigrette 

Cornbread / cornmeal, corn, cheddar, chili

Santa Maria Style Beans / beans, cumin, onion, tomato

Corn Succotash / corn, chervil, chive, parsley, onion, bell pepper, basil




Chile Braised Chicken / free-range chicken, guajillo chile, cumin, mexican lager

Served with Tostada Shells, Sour Cream, Street Corn Salad, Charred Pepper Salad

Veg / crumbled tofu tostada



Seasonal Fruit

Accommodations made for vegetarians, food-allergies, etc. 

All produce and provisions used are procured from local growers and producers practicing sustainable growing methods.


Low maintenance and delicious, Purvey LA delivers lunches directly to your office.

Menus change weekly and are always evolving to reflect the best of the season.