All menus options are $18/pp, unless noted otherwise.


Spicy Salmon Bowls / wild-caught salmon, chili, onion, scallion, sesame

String Beans with Cucumber and Miso / string beans, cucumber, miso vin, scallion, cilantro

Served with Sliced Avocado, Brown Rice, Sesame Aioli

Veg / spicy tofu bowls




Barbacoa-Style Tacos / steak, chili, cumin, lime

Served with Housemade Salsa, Cranberry Beans, Spanish Rice, Warm Tortillas, Cabbage-Cilantro Slaw

Veg / cauliflower potato tacos



Chicken Teriyaki / free-range chicken, housemate teriyaki sauce, scallion, sesame, cilantro

Chopped Salad / mixed market lettuce, cucumber, scallion, almonds, sprouts 

Served with White Rice



Garlic Rubbed Skirt Steak / skirt steak, scallion vinaigrette 

Cornbread / cornmeal, corn, cheddar, chili

Santa Maria Style Beans / beans, cumin, onion, tomato

Corn Succotash / corn, chervil, chive, parsley, onion, bell pepper, basil




Chile Braised Chicken / free-range chicken, guajillo chile, cumin, mexican lager

Served with Tostada Shells, Sour Cream, Street Corn Salad, Charred Pepper Salad

Veg / crumbled tofu tostada



Seasonal Fruit

Accommodations made for vegetarians, food-allergies, etc. 

All produce and provisions used are procured from local growers and producers practicing sustainable growing methods.