All menus options are $18/pp, unless noted otherwise.


Skirt Steak / grilled grass-fed skirt steak

Crispy Rice Salad / crispy brown rice, baby kale, scallion, red onion, mint, cilantro, peanut, nouc cham

Smashed Cucumber Miso Salad / smashed cucumber, miso sesame vin, fresno chile, cilantro

Veg / slow roasted tofu



Tomato Braised Turkey Spinach Meatballs / free-range turkey, spinach, parm, thyme, tomato, garlic

Baby Kale Salad / kale, lemon vin, toasted breadcrumbs

Grilled Broccoli / grilled broccoli, slow roasted garlic, chile, lemon

Served with Garlic Bread

Veg / eggplant meatballs



Gochujang Ranch Crispy Chicken / free-range chicken, buttermilk, panko, sesame

Red Cabbage Slaw / red cabbage, radish, sesame, cilantro, miso vin

Sliced Avocado / avocado, sesame, lime, cilantro, furikake

Served with Gochujang Ranch Dressing, Sambal Cashew, Ginger Brown Rice, Lime

Veg / crispy tofu



Kimchi Tacos / grass fed skirt steak, tamari, mirin, sesame, ginger, scallion

Kimchi Slaw / cabbage, daikon, cilantro, scallion, lime, kimchi, sriracha

Shaved Carrot Salad / shaved carrot, radish, coriander, ginger vin, peanut

Served with Sriracha Crema, Corn Tortillas, Pickled Red Onion

Veg / slow roasted carrot tacos



Chicken Teriyaki / housemade teriyaki sauce, free-range grilled chicken,

Chopped Salad / cabbage, kale, radish, scallion, almond, black pepper vin

Grilled Bok Choy / grilled bok choy, pickled carrot, ginger vin, cilantro, scallion

Served with White Rice

Veg / tofu teriyaki



Seasonal Fruit Platter


Accommodations made for vegetarians, food-allergies, etc. 

All produce and provisions used are procured from local growers and producers practicing sustainable growing methods.