All menus options are $18/pp, unless noted otherwise.


Turkey Burger / grilled free-range turkey burgers

Sweet Potato Wedges / sweet potato, aleppo, honey

Baby Kale Caesar Salad / baby kale, housemade caesar dressing, toasted breadcrumbs

Served with Gjusta English Muffins, All the Fixins, and Secret Sauce

Veg / veg patties



Grilled Sausage / grilled pasture-raised pork sausages

Grilled Peppers and Onions / grilled marinated peppers, onions, parsley, marjoram

Wild Arugula Salad / wild arugula, lemon vin, shaved ricotta salata

Served with Gjusta Baguettes

Veg / eggplant meatballs



Chicken Thai Larb / free-range ground chicken, shallot, onion, chili, fish sauce vin, red onion

Grilled Snap Pea Salad / grilled snap peas, pickled carrot, cilantro, scallion, ginger vinaigrette, peanuts

Grilled Broccoli with Caramelized Fish Sauce / broccoli, caramelized fish sauce, scallion, sesame

Served with Sticky Rice, Herbs, and Lettuce Cups

Veg / cauliflower larb



Seared Ahi Bowls / sliced sesame seared wild, local-caught ahi

Mixed Market Greens / mixed market greens, tatsoi, scallion, slivered almond, black pepper vin

Served with Sesame Aioli, Smashed Chili Cucumbers, and Sticky Rice

Veg / marinated tempeh



Barbacoa Bowls

Barbacoa Bowls / pasture-raised braised short rib barbacoa-style

Cumin Roasted Carrot / cumin, carrot, red wine vinegar, cilantro

Mexican Style Street Corn / grilled corn, paprika, cilantro, queso fresco

Served with Black Beans, Shredded Cabbage, and Pickled Onion



Seasonal Fruit Platter


Accommodations made for vegetarians, food-allergies, etc. 

All produce and provisions used are procured from local growers and producers practicing sustainable growing methods.