All menus options are $18/pp, unless noted otherwise.


Tuna Tartare / wild, local-caught ahi, shallot, chive, extra virgin olive oil

Served with Ciabatta Crostini and Cucumber Salad

Mixed Market Greens / mixed greens, grilled pickled zucchini, arugula



Guajillo Braised Chicken Tostada / free-range chicken, tomato, onion, cumin, lager

Served with Tostada Shells, Black Beans, Grilled Corn and Cabbage Slaw, Avocado Cups with Salsa Verde, Sour Cream



Burgers / ground beef, onion, parsley, english muffin

Mixed Grilled Vegetables / mixed grilled market vegetables

Roasted Potato / weiser farm potato, garlic, lemon, dill

Cucumber Salad / cucumber, dill, sweet and sour vin



Thai Steak Lettuce Cups/ skirt steak, mustard, fish sauce, chili, cilantro

Served with Lettuce Cups, Marinated Tofu, Fish Sauce Vin, Crushed Peanuts, Chili, Lime, Mint, Cilantro, Cucumber, White Rice



Chicken Souvlaki / free-range chicken, lemon, mint, oregano

Greek Salad / tomato, cucumber, feta, olive, onion, extra virgin olive oil, oregano

Hummus with Chickpea / hummus topped with roasted chickpea

Grilled Sourdough Bread with Za'atar and Sumac



Seasonal Fruit

Mama's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Strawberries & Cream

Accommodations made for vegetarians, food-allergies, etc. 

All produce and provisions used are procured from local growers and producers practicing sustainable growing methods.