Fried Eggs in Breadcrumbs

Paired with a simple salad or sautéed greens, it’s an elegant, unbelievably simple, and satisfying dinner for one. That said, it works just as well for breakfast (and for a crowd). 


3 tablespoons packed, fresh, soft bread crumbs
1-2 tablespoons EVOO
A few fresh thyme 
2 cage-free eggs
1 teaspoon vinegar 


Heat 1-2 tablespoons of EVOO in a omelette pan or non-stick skillet and set over medium heat. Once the oil begins to heat, add the breadcrumbs and let the crumbs warm through. Swirl the pan as they begin drying out. Stir once or twice. 

The moment you see the crumbs begin to color, quickly add the remaining oil, and the herbs, then crack the egg directly into the crumbs. Cook the egg as you like. It works best with sunny side up, but feel free to flip if you prefer over easy.

Slide onto a plate, then add vinegar to the hot pan. Swirl the pan once, then pour the sizzling vinegar over the eggs.